Digital Signature are equivalent to handwritten Signature under IT act and Now widely used for electronic transfer Egovernance Efiling Etendering Etc .We are First national Distributor in Madhypradesh appointed as Registration Authority by India's First Certifying Authority for Digital Signatures .We are already in Coordination with Various Giverment Departments of MADHYA PRADESH MAHARASTRA and other States and Offering Services to various Vendors and National and Multinational entities One Can Obtain Digital Signature From us by Filling Form along with His Identity and address Proof in Case of Class 2 Digital Signature which is needed for Efiling Egovernance etc In Case of Class 3 One Can Obtain Digital Signature For Etendering or eprocurement by Filling Form with one Buisness Proof also along with Class 2 Documents

You can either Obtain Digital Signature Yourself and then you have to send attested scanned Documents first for validation.If you join us as our friend or reseller then we will give you training and you can issue Digital signature on your end Just Call us 940752405 for your queries